Cloud Hosting Data Center


29-300 Megawatts Available

60,000 sq. ft. +Facility

24/7 Managed Services

Scalable Buildout


Alliance Cloud Services provides solutions to meet Exponential Demand for Data Storage (Roughly 600 zettabytes of new data is created each year (that is 600 trillion gigabytes)). The Data Center supports needs with Fiber Infrastructure Deployment (Fiber is the foundation for 5G and small cell deployments that require a greater number of fiber pairs), Growing Data Center Demand (One of the fastest growing sectors in the IT Economy), and Wireless Expansion (4G and 5G demand).   Data center assets represent a predictable, mature, and growth-oriented asset class

Our Michigan facility currently offers up to  29 megawatts of power with access to up to 300 megawatts of power. The location is both central and rural which has proven to be attractive to our clients for both security and access reasons providing 24/7 on site support/security. Clients benefit from our low electricity costs at high capacity and the lack of personal property taxes in Michigan.  These items all lower the end user’s total cost of occupancy allowing us to be very competitive in the market. Operated by seasoned industry experts in the space along with a portion of the facility set aside as a blank slate to work from, we can create customized solutions to meet customized client needs for data protection, system resiliency and reliability.


Alliance Cloud Services is owned and operated by Ault Alliance LLC, Las Vegas, NV.

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